Jane Austen "Persuasion"

Jane Austen "Persuasion"

Jane Austen "Persuasion"


Jane Austen

Not many people are interested in Anne. She is the quiet second daughter of Sir Walter Elliot and lives in Somersetshire with him and her sister, Elizabeth. She has only one good friend. Lady Russell.

Years ago, it was different. Then, Frederick Wentworth loved her, and she loved him. But Frederick went into the navy and went away...

When his sister and her husband move to Somersetshire, Frederick visits them, and stays, and Anne must meet him. Now, he is different: he is an important man, the captain of a ship. Will he remember her? Does he love her? Or must Anne forget him - again?


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,200 Total words: about 17,250
Hard words: baronet, vanity, lodge, marriage, expect, mistress, heir, care, appalled, gentleman, throw herself away, good-hearted, trust, persuade, navy lists, painful, freckles, mile, cheerfully, agreeable, cross, calm, recognize, give up, forgive, weakness, gentle, honour, confused, brother-in-law, hedges, mind, inn, seafront, steps, mourning, admire, waiter, steep, salt, hysterical, afraid, used to, pretend, drawing room, proud, well-educated, widow, spirit, attachment, breathe, fault, interval, astonished, executor, will, West Indies, frame, shake, path


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