Rachel Bladon "England"

Rachel Bladon "England"



Rachel Bladon

England is only a small country. But some of the world's greatest writers are from England, and many of the most popular sports started there. In England, you can find busy, exciting cities, some of the oldest buildings in the world and also beautiful countryside. English society today is modern with people from lots of different countries and cultures, but the country also has an amazing and long history And, of course, its language is one of the most widely spoken in the world.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1000 Total words: about 14,300
Hard words: society, parliament, led, mud, invaded, weapon, battle, controlled, religion, literature, sword, defeated, powerful, conqueror, competition, power, civil war, cloth, coal, iron, industry, steam engine, independent, empire, factory, rubbish, sank, vote, march, race, ally, political, depression, price, bomb, education, immigrant, coronation, multicultural, enthusiastic, turkey, decorate, strike, firework, celebration, spaghetti, pancake, frying pan, whisk, melt, pole, ribbon, blow up, treating, bonfire, royal, carriage, speech, guarding, bearskin, vinegar, sausage, carry, fair, costume, architect, museum, Ferris wheel, dungeon, event, band, pier, amusement arcade, sculpture, angel, mine, border, port, electronics, engineer, pyramid, ancient, rainforest, wildlife, scenery, bird of prey, trail, moorland, rock, hunting, director, hedge, cove, wave, arch, queue, Scouts, martial art, theme park, tram, arena, bet, charity, concert hall, published, imaginary, magic, musical, classical music, exhibition, broadcaster, Royal Navy, funeral, courage, moustache, hit, printing press, spin, the World Wide Web, the digital revolution, recycling


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