Sally M. Stockton "Robin Hood"

Sally M. Stockton "Robin Hood"



Sally M. Stockton

Robin Hood, the legendary hero of Sherwood Forest, has captured the imagination of generations of readers with his noble ideals and unforgettable adventures. Why did Robin Hood become an outlaw? How did Marian find Robin in Sherwood Forest? How was the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham punished? Join the millions of readers who have explored the exciting world of legends!


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 620 Total words: about 3300
Hard words: Earl, crusade, Holly Land, greedy, arrogant, brutal, sheriff, loyal, against, harm, cavern, horn, signal, archer, practiced, stream, bridge, enormous, staff, merry, company, expert, friar, sniffed, bank, shake hands, Abbey, quarrel, abbot, teach, promise, tax, capture, wick, subject, maid, disguised, knight, take off, helmet, married, coward, left for, person, butcher, disgust, naked, wildly, pointed at, silver, archery, competition, challenges, discover, peasant, crowd, square, acrobat, target, contest, victory, lyre, baron, similar, bishop, pale, ceremony, pointed, couple, banquet, cross, offer, roast pork, knelt, lucky, dishonest, excitement, memory


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