Jules Verne "Journey to the Centre of the Earth"

Jules Verne "Journey to the Centre of the Earth"



Jules Verne

Professor Lidenbrock finds a strange message in an old book. He sets off with his nephew Axel on a dangerous journey under a volcano to find - the centre of the Earth! The Professor and Axel have many amazing adventures along the way, and even see prehistoric monsters! But will they find the centre of the Earth?


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 800 Total words: about 5100
Hard words: assistant, calmly, calmly, curtain, excited, laboratory, never mind, scientist, serious, upset, adventure, adventure, fishing boat, lovingly, mysterious, perfect, perfect, sad, silent, wonderful, explosion, explosion, impossible, introduce, monster, reason, ride, rope, scared, shake hands, stay, because of, cave, climb, drop, inside, mile, solution, take off, volcano, useful, finally, mistake, pickaxe, thirsty, tunnel, unluckily, alive, bandage, bandage, deep, dive, explain, horrible, huge, rock, strange, strong, strong, underground, creature, equipment, explode, island, save, sink, storm, temperature, wave, earthquake, mammoth, look for, prehistoric, gun powder, hold onto, probably, shake, clap, journalist, nephew, survive, stage


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