George Gibson "King Arthur and his Knights"

George Gibson "King Arthur and his Knights"



George Gibson

Learn how Arthur became King, where he found his great sword Excalibur, about his love for Guinevere, and all about the courageous Knights of the Round Table.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 450 Total words: about 2000
Hard words: counsellor, magician, raised, archbishop, sign, lead, duty, trouble, adventurous, loyal, fountain, lances, scabbard, bleed, wounded, thankful, royal, banquet, choice, honoured, enormous, invasion, conquer, presence, camp, attack, surprise, confused, victorious, dangerous, things, nun, recognize, amazed, realized, proud, Holy Grail, invisible, disappeared, declared, excitement, search, rule, alive, buried, spear, helmet, Pray, Farewell, Avalon


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