Tim Vicary "The Visit"

Tim Vicary "The Visit"

Tim_Vicary-The Visit


Tim Vicary

Harry watched the ‘thing’ carefully. ‘That,’ he thought, ‘is something very, very strange … something from another world, perhaps. It’s a spaceship … or something like it. I’m going to get out and look at it.’ Harry Evans is a police officer. He is driving along a country road when he sees something. He stops. He hears strange music. Is it a UFO? No one believes Harry’s story, but after that his life is different … why?


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 600 Total words: about 3800
Hard words: constable, spaceship, lunchtime, horrify, cassette, cheerful, recorder, loudly, goodbye, excite, psychiatrist, clever, policeman, awake, notebook, upstairs, bicycle, fool, silly, driving, hurry, inspector, pleased, shine, dear, changing, continued, worried, powder


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