Rachel Bladon "Animal Life Cycles"

Rachel Bladon "Animal Life Cycles"



Rachel Bladon

Animals grow and change during their life. To produce young, some animals have babies, and others lay eggs. These young animals then grow up and produce young, too. This journey from being born to producing young is called a life cycle. How do male birds find a mate? How big is a baby kangaroo when it's born? How does a crocodile carry her babies? What does a tadpole grow into? The answers to these and other questions are in this book.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 630 Total words: 4170
Hard words: adult, alive, alligator, amount, anteater, attack, backbone, balloon, beak, become, born, bottom, breathe, breed, bright, bubble, call, camouflaged, case, chameleon, change, chemical, chick, cicada, claw, cliff, cockroach, cover, crab, cricket, croak, current, damage, danger, dead, den, die, dig, energy, enough, escape, feather, female, fertilize, fin, float, follow, gill, give birth to, grass, grasshopper, ground, hatch, hibernate, hide, hole, insect, join together, kill, koala, lake, lay eggs, leopard, lung, male, mark, mate, metamorphosis, migrate, moth, move, mud, neck, need, ocean, octopus, oxygen, pollution, pouch, predator, produce, push, queen, river, road, safe, scale, seahorse, shark, shell, shout, shrew, silver, similar, skin, special, species, speckled, sperm, spider, sticky, stream, stuck, tail, termite, toad, turtle, twig, unborn, waterfall, web, weigh, wing, without, young


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