Jennifer Bassett "The omega files. Short stories"

Jennifer Bassett "The omega files. Short stories"

Jennifer Bassett "The omega files. Short stories"


Jennifer Bassett

Some strange things happen in this world. You hear all kinds of frightening stories. But are they true? Who do you believe? Some stories never get into the newspapers, because governments want to keep them secret. And these are the stories in the Omega Files.

How many people know about the Omega Files? Not many - perhaps no more than thirty people in Brussels. Hawker and Jude know about them, because they bring back a lot of the stories that go into the Files. They have interesting lives. One day they’re in London, talking to a young man. He has a strange story to tell them, about a drug company, but is it true? Another day they go to Scotland, to look for a monster in Loch Ness, but of course, there are no monsters - are there? Another time they’re on an island in the Pacific Ocean, where everybody is talking about a spaceship. But where is this spaceship? And who has actually seen it?

It’s all there, in the Omega Files.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 400 Total words: 5,880
Hard words: army, believe, camp, cancer, catch, clever, cloud, club, crater, crazy, dance, dangerous, drug company, dust, earring, email, engine, erupt, Euro, extraterrestrial, fall, fight, file, flashlight, genetic engineering, government, homeless, horrible, intelligence, laboratory, lava, loch, medicine, mobile phone, monster, path, planet, programmed, rock, satellite, scream, secret, shout, spaceship, stare, steam, strange, tax, terrifying, test, tortoise, volcano, whisper


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