Clemen D. B. Gina "Halloween Horror"

Clemen D. B. Gina "Halloween Horror"



Clemen D. B. Gina

It’s fun to get ready for Halloween and it’s even more fun to have a spooky Halloween party! But what happens to a group of young teenagers when their Halloween party becomes a living nightmare? Find out what horror is all about in this spine-tingling story!


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 600 Total words: about 4000
Hard words: cemetery, neck, ghost, spirits, pumpkin, barrels, witches, hanging, jack o’lantern, cook, scary, evil, mysteriously, attendant, exhibit, rope, upstairs, button, custom, spooky, tombstone, abandoned, haunted house, cupboard, portrait, decorations, light, portable, corridor, furniture, boots, whisper, broom, confused, alien, wig, torch, basement, heart, detergent, tablecloth, vampire, treasure hunt, terrified, look for, scream, penetrate, victim, burning, scariest, coma, thunder, lightening, finger


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